Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jekyll Park State Hospital

The Kirkbride
Overlooking a well known NY river, the Kirkbride at Jekyll Park State Hospital was constructed between 1868-1871, in High Victorian Gothic fashion. It is unique in that it is one of the few non symmetrical Kirkbrides  in existence. On May 31st, 2007 a large fire decimated most of the male wing, making it virtually inaccessible to explore. The cause was ruled to be a lightning strike, but a few people I talked to don't agree with that theory.  The building was designed by Frederick Clark Withers, and the grounds were designed by Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmsted.

My pictures of the Kirkbride.

 These wings have been neglected for quite some time.

 A still very functional Consew sowing machine, with spools of thread still just resting on the table next to it.

The roof of the admin building offered some great views, and a place to snack on some of the food we brought before returning to exploring. Looking back over the female wing, towards the powerhouse.
Looking over towards the Cheney building.
Despite the wings of the Kirk being incredibly decayed and almost unwalkable, the Admin building was almost fresh, due to the fact that the wings were shut down long before the Admin and the rest of the campus.

This staircase was pretty cool, much more ornate than the stairs in the wards.

 This is what the fire destroyed. Right after taking this shot, I stepped on a piece of floor that quickly cascaded down into the dark basement.
 The exterior of the fire damaged male wing.
 There was plywood on almost every window.
 The rear tower of the Admin building.
 More damage.
The Cheney Building
Built in the early 1950's, and opened in 1952, The Cheney Building is a massive nine story brick and steel edifice, which housed offices and some patients, as well as the hydrotherapy tubs and library. Named for doctor C. O. Cheney, it is the largest building in terms of square footage on the campus.

 These are autoclaves. Medical instruments were put in here to be sterilized.

 The wings were rounded at the end, creating neat little solariums.

 Hydro tub.

 This is the library. Shame all these books went to waste, as opposed to being sent to inner city schools or something like that.

The Snow Recreation Building
Built in 1971, this building was intended to give patients who behaved well a place to relax and have fun. I'm sure it also helped give some patients families a reason to visit. There was a pool here, bowling alleys, lounge areas, theater, etc.... It is a very unique building, and is seemingly the most trashed, at a glance.

The Theater Building
I'm not sure when it was built, but this theater was quite cool. It has some pretty bad water damage, as well as vandalism, but otherwise it was a great find. There were even projectors still up in the booth!

Most Kirkbride hospitals have separate morgue buildings, as opposed to putting them inside the Kirk itself.

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