Monday, November 21, 2011

Senator Sanatorium

The senator sanatorium was founded in 1902, in the rolling hills of New Jersey, it was not as effective at treating TB as the Essex Mountain Sanatorium in Verona was, but it was pretty good for a state institution. The sanatorium was transformed into a psychiatric hospital, after better methods to treat TB were found. This building was left behind to rot.

Friday, November 18, 2011

First State Lunatic Asylum

The building we were in is circled
Established in May of 1848, this hospital was the first building built along the specifications of the Kirkbride plan. It was also the first hospital for the treatment of mental illness built in the state of New Jersey. It was founded due to the petitioning   of Dorothea Dix. She always felt a special connection to this hospital, and she lived out the last few years of her life in a private apartment in the hospital. The following pictures were not taken in the Kirkbride building, but rather the congregation building just to the east of it.